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Can I phone or chat with you? Yes of course. Our contact details are on our Contact page along with a contact form that you may wish to use instead of phoning.

Please note, when contacting us by phone or chat, our business hours are between 10am and 5pm (UTC +07:00) Monday to Friday excluding public holidays gazetted for Thailand.
Can I post in the portal without logging in? No you can't. You have to have a current User account with BFS Asia and be logged in to post listings, blogs, portal advertisements and the like.

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Can I put contact information in my Blogs? Yes, please do. For web links, use target="_new" so that your link will open in a new page.

Please also read our Terms and Conditions page regarding Blogs before submitting a Blog.
Can I put contact information in my Listings? No, we are sorry, but you can't. We don't allow any links or contact information in your listing that will enable a potential buyer to contact you (initially) without using our 'Request Info' link. People who submit a request for information about your Listing may provide you with their contact details so that any future discussions can be done using those contact details.

If you purchase an Agent plan, your contact details will be listed in our Agents/Brokers page.

If you purchase a Broker plan, your contact details will be listed in our Agents/Brokers page AND on our homepage as a Featured Broker.
Can I sell my business if it is not trading? Yes, you can. It is best to advertise it quickly after closing and be sure to state that the business is closed in your advertisement and the reason why. Buyers will understand this and if interested (many will see this as a good opportunity) they will contact you.

If a Buyer turns up expecting to inspect an operational business and finds the business closed because you failed to state this in your advertisement, they will (quite rightly) think you are hiding information and will be easily turned off buying your business.
Can you provide an Agent to conduct settlement when I find a Buyer? This is not a service we currently provide, but please look at our Agents and Brokers page to identify an Agent or Broker near you and contact them for assistance.
Do I need to sign a contract to list with BFS Asia? When you create an account with you agree to our terms and conditions and you can only use the services offered in this portal if you create an account. Features include adding a Listing, Portal Advertisement, Blog, etc. Terms and conditions for all services offered are explained in our Terms and Conditions page.

If you create an account with us, you have agreed to these terms and conditions and we therefore have a contract. Please print our terms and conditions page if you would like a paper version of our agreement.

If you do not agree with our terms and conditions, please do not create an account, or deactivate your account (as the case may be) and cease using our portal.

Importantly, listing with BFS Asia is NOT an exclusive service. Please feel free to also advertise in other locations as you wish. If you have engaged a broker to assist you to sell under an EXCLUSIVE arrangement, please consult with your Broker before listing here.
How do I subscribe to your Newsletter? We don't actually have an email newsletter. When you create an account with us (Register), we give you your own Dashboard which contains, among other useful features, a dynamic news feed. You just set your preferences to what you want to see in your feed and that is what you see - when it happens! It's a bit like a Face Book feed, and you can save or hide posts from your feed as you choose.

Basically, we find a dynamic news feed more useful than an email produced once or twice a month. You are given all of the same information you would expect to receive in a newsletter, but we don't clog up your inbox and you get to see it when it's posted.
How Long does it take to sell a business? This question is not one that can be reliably answered as a 'one answer fits all' because businesses vary considerably in terms of location, viability, desirability, etc. Many Sellers think it's all about price, but this is not true. Price is just one of the many considerations which will affect how long it takes to sell.

Regardless, to provide an answer that may be of assistance to you - assuming you get your marketing and advertising right, you present a viable option at a realistic price, our data shows us that a sale will occur between three and 12 months after advertising commences.
What are the Image sizes for Uploads? The following images sizes are standards used in the BFS Asia portal. Please upload images in these sizes to avoid the possibility of your image being distorted or granulated when we resize it, or a delay in posting if we have to request you to resubmit the image.


Blogs 500 x 331
2,000 x 1,324

Ideally, the same image, but can be different images
Portal Advertisements aaxaa (Size A) or aaxaa (Size B)
Broker/Agent Business Logos 300 x 300
Feeds (My Dashboard) aaxaa
yy aaxaa
Images are important! For the best result, please upload the right size.